HTC Entries 2015

Above the Bushline                                                                                    


  1. Quick way down (Foggy Peak)   Heather

  2. Ridge off Foggy Peak   Heather 


 Below the Bushline

 1. Matanau Beach to Vulcan     Dennis

2. Lunch Time at Arthurs Pass    Heather


Outdoor Landscapes  


1. Clouds from Mt Fyfe   Heather

2. Mt Rolleston     Heather


Native Flora and Fauna


1.  Moss and Mushrooms     Heather

2.  Pippitt      Kevin



Hut or Camp Life


1. relaxing on Lewis Tops     Heather

2.Fire at Gridiron Shelter      Kevin





 1. Stweart Is     Dennis

2. Avalanche at Mt Cook     Heather