From around 11 December

Old Ghost rd

Grade: M

        Sally is very keen to walk the Old Ghost Road and wondered if anyone else is interested.

So far I have had interest from two people  but could do with another 3 or 4 folk. What I would like to do is to have a small group going in from each end, one from Seddonville, one from Lyell, with a car swap saving on transport.       

 The time I had in mind was early December and I am provisionally suggesting starting December 11th. I think 5 days seems to be the usual time frame ( 4 nights.)

     Huts need to be booked. There are tent sites available as well. Cost is a flat fee of  $140 for an adult ( however many huts you chose to stay in) or $40 for camping.

    Hut availability is alreadydiminishing  So we will need to get moving/planning very soon.

     So.....anyone else interested ?       Either email me or phone if you wish....3381 097  or  021 127 6419.

          Sally Botur.

Leader: Sally ph 338 1097

Contact Sally ASAP if you are interested