Mt Richardson

 29 Jan 2012

 The day dawned grey and overcast, but not cold and with little wind. Glenda and Sergey were the only volunteers but in spite of this we agreed that a chance to improve our fitness shouldn’t be missed. There were a few glimpses of blue sky along the road through Loburn but when we reached Glentui, Mt Richardson was well covered by cloud.So with vague hopes of clearing weather we started to climb. Conditions were perfect for walking, cool with little breeze and we made good time and were on the peak in a couple of hours with visibility at about 5 metres and a light drizzle falling. 

  We lingered only long enough to sample Glenda’s homemade pesto. Moving on along the Blowhard Track was eerie and surreal with the mist wafting around the old tree trunks and all the manuka in full flower it looked like a scene from Lord of the Rings with the occasional lycra clad Hobbit rushing by (Coast To Coast training we thought). We found a sheltered spot in a Manuka grove for lunch and then turned on to the Bypass Track for a quick descent via the waterfall view point to the carpark. With the day still young an exploration of the stream below the waterfall was proposed but at the first bend a waist-deep pool caused a reassessment and this was postponed to a later, warmer and better-equipped occasion so it was on to Oxford for afternoon tea and the end of a great day with good company but no views.