Mt Faust - 40th Anniversary Weekend

 22 March 2104 

 On a bright sunny morning Mike, Wendy, Vesna, Fay, Kevin and I headed up Mt Faust. Mike was joining us to the viewpoint although no one seemed sure which one that was, since the best view always seemed to be just a bit further on. The track continued through forest, the sometimes steep sections never lasting too long before the gradient gentled out again, until we stopped for a break at a well used campsite (complete with water tank) at the bushline. 

  It was nice to be out in the sun as we headed up the gentle tussocky slopes, enjoying a great view down into the Magdalene valley. After about 200m we reached a bowl with several picturesque tarns and from here followed the ridge along to point 1633. We stopped here for lunch and, while Fay decided that this was far enough for her, the rest of us headed onwards. It looked a bit of a distance and somewhat gnarly but turned out to be a quite good route and we reached the summit in good time. The all round views are well worth the climb especially on such a nice day.

 The downhill trip was relatively quick and we began to wonder if we would get back before Tere’s group (we didn’t). I suspect we were spurred on by the thought of the hot showers, cold beers and the evenings socialising awaiting us back at the lodge.