40th Anniversary Basecamp

22-23 March 2104         Boyle River Lodge 40th Anniversary Celebrations

 We arrived Friday night to find the decorations were well underway thanks to the early arrivals. It was a very convivial evening spent chatting, decorating and looking at photos and memorabilia.The next morning the weather was fine and sunny as we headed off on the various tramps. One group with Tere to the Magdalene Hut, another with Kevin and I to climb Mt Faust while others opted for a relaxing morning, perhaps later joining Mike (and later arrivals) on an afternoon walk to Sylvia Falls. 

  By late afternoon everyone (25 members past and present) was assembled and enjoying a few pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, chatting about the days tramping and remembering the tramps of days past. After the usual fabulous spread I’ve come to expect at club pot luck dinners, we had a few short speeches about the club - as it is now and some reminiscences of the earlier years of the club and of the members from yesteryear. Following this the anniversary cake was cut by our longest serving member (Bill Nossiter) and our newest member Faye Borens.

 After the all important desserts, our compere Tere ran a fun quiz based on the 1970’s – it’s surprising what you do and don’t remember. The party continued till about midnight with some hitting the dance floor.

 The next morning was a hive of activity with people tidying up and cleaning. Some left early and others of us headed back to the waterfall Mike had taken others to the day before. With this experience it was a straight route there and well worth a visit though the water was way too cold for swimming. We had people exploring routes up above the waterfall on either side, others clambering over rocks for a better view. Back at the lodge we made an excellent lunch of the previous night’s leftovers before cleaning up and heading away happy with a most successful and enjoyable weekend.