Greta Farmland Ridge walk

24 May 2015

Twelve trusting walkers headed to Great Valley to walk up a “mystery” farmland ridge. On arrival at “Glenlock”, the destination was both visible and explained. It turned out to be Centre Hill (558m) via an “almost” circuit route. Centre Hill was crowned by a 90m wind measurement tower, controlled by Meridian as research for a potential future wind farm along this ridge.


Resource consent has been granted but nothing further has happened yet. We traversed two farm properties to get there with grateful thanks to the land owners of Cotswold and Glen Gynk for permission to cross their land. Farm tracks certainly made for easier route finding and numerous gate and fence negotiations. Gemma lost count as to how many. The sheep were somewhat skitterish due to the current drought in North Canterbury, but posed no problem. Outstanding views from the summit looking out to sea and Motunau Island as well as up the coast to the Kaikoura Ranges. Mount Fyfe was one identifiable landmark in the distance. With an imminent southerly front approaching, we had an early lunch in the lee of the hill and headed back down an alternative farm track for a leisurely cuppa at Glenlock. The weather front arrived with vengeance half an hour after departure, perfectly timed after a wonderful day out. It delivered a smattering of snow onto our ridge and alas, only a few minimal mm of rain to the parched landscape. The North Canterbury drought continues. Thank you one and all.

Glenda F