Wharfedale Track, Oxford Forest

19 August 2015

On Sunday 19 August, Sandra (our leader) Dianna, Fay, Annabel,Tere,Val, Rose and myself (Gemma) went on a tramp to the saddle on the Wharfedale Track. When we got to the View Hill carpark we found that the wind was freezing, so we put on our warm gear and got started very quickly.

Once we got into the sheltered areas it was quite a bit warmer, we passed through a couple of streams and went over some bridges then we ate morning tea.I played hide and seek with Tere but then I started to play by myself .I soon found out it wasn't safe, because I could have been left behind if they didn't know I was hiding.

Later on I got a little bit of stich and it hurt, but I got over it soon enough because I just kept walking. When we were almost at the saddle we saw snow the size of a small lake. We ate lunch; I ate my lunch really quick because I wanted to play in the fresh and icy cold snow. The rest of the group took their time to eat lunch while mum and I had a play in the snow.

Soon we saw the rest of the group getting packs on, so mum and I got our packs on and got started.When we got back to the car we got changed into clean clothes so we wouldn't get the cars dirty.We stopped for food and drinks on the way home.

Everyone had a great day out.

Gemma aged 9