Boyle Flats Hut

11 -12 September 2015

It was a glorious Saturday morning when we parked the cars on the road just outside Bill’s place in the Boyle River Village, with a rememberance silence for Bill before we started tramping.The team for the weekend was Claire & Sergey, Vesna, Fay, Sandra and Dennis.On the way in we had called in at the main car park and were somewhat dismayed to see so many vehicles including a school minibus, as we had not all come prepared to sleep on the hut floor if we had to.

About an hour in passed a couple of hunters coming out then a large school party, not too sure how many as they were well off the track having lunch when we went passed. A three hour trip took us to the banks of the Boyle where we had lunch taking care to avoid the cattle “soft rocks”which unfortunately were thick on the ground. Shortly after crossing the swing bridge the track is fenced off from cattle and we were able to enjoy the pristine river and forest.

When the hut came into view there was no sign of smoke and when we arrived it was deserted so we had a choice of bunks after all. In fact we had the hut to ourselves for the night. Claire & Sergey headed off on a round trip to inspect Rokeby Hut about another hour on, while Dennis pulled a 1000 pc wasgij out of his pack, cleaned the table and we got to work. We did learn that a 1000 pcs was a bit ambitious to complete for one late afternoon and evening in a hut, but Fay and Vesna in particular gave it their best shot.

Next day dawned fine again and we had a good tramp out and drive home.