Lake Kaniere - Midwinter Christmas basecamp

25 -26 June 2016

On a cold Friday night eleven trampers arrived to a cosy warm batch at Lake Kaniere thanks to Claire and Sergey arriving early and lighting the fire. Over supper and a lot of laughs we decided that most of the group would attempt Mt Tuhua with two opting for the Kaniere Water race walkway.

Though the forecast wasn’t great we headed off the next morning in fine but cloudy weather. We all got surprisingly warm heading up hill in the shelter of the trees. Reaching the bushline it was a little cooler and we feared that the cloud was going to obscure our views. However, the cloud bought an unexpected bonus – as we traversed one ridge with the sun behind us our Brocken spectre’s spookily appeared in the clouds on the next ridge over (look it up on google). We all attempted to get a photo of this rare phenomenon (your own shadow appearing in the distance in a circle of light) but it was quite difficult to get a good one. As we headed along the ridge to the summit we got above the cloud and not only did we get a good view from the top it was actually enhanced by the cloud in the valleys below us. It was a pleasant and fairly easy walk back down on a quite good track so we spread out a bit and met up at the cars parked by the lakes edge.

Back at the batch Dianna and Faye had returned from their tramp and been hard at work setting up for the evening’s festivities. We began with Wendy’s cake for afternoon tea which quickly merged into pre dinner drinks and (rather substantial) nibbles interspersed with showers and further decorating until it was time to dress for dinner. A large room upstairs was the “girls dorm” and it was here the ladies went to dress up. After some time, a strange mix of characters paraded down the stairs - Wonder woman, Mrs Brown, Lara Croft, Golden girl, Sara Connor (Terminator2), Elf and the lady in the cat jersey (Hunt for the Wilder people). They were later joined by Zoro, Rory (from Mrs Brown), Clint Eastwood and a Stormtrooper. After photos (and a few shootouts and sword fights) we enjoyed a wonderful pot luck dinner seated around a dining table big enough for the whole group. The merriment continued as the storm trooper morphed into Santa to present the Secret Santa gifts.

Claire and Sergey were the only ones up early enough the next morning to do the Lake Kaniere walkway as planned. The rest of us walked about a third of the way then turned back after morning tea beside the lake in the sunshine.

It was a great weekend with perfect weather despite a less than promising forecast. The Party goers, (sorry Trampers) were Heather, Kevin, Bill, Wendy, Claire, Sergey, Dennis, Vesna, Fay, Glenda and Dianna.


[Dennis: Special thanks to Heather for organising the weekend and especially the house hire was just the best venue. “Fun” would be an understatement, it was a fantastic weekend in every respect.]