Prebble Hill

23 June

 Ten happy hikers headed down a farm track opposite Castle Hill station which after a 30 minute walk we needed to cross Porter River after a brief stop to take boots off and put sand shoes on so we would have dry boots on the other side. We headed off down the river eventually getting to a small bluff we need to go up and over before slowly ascending the large Gully. After 20 minutes walk we stopped for morning tea.



We carried on climbing past a few grazing cattle till we reach near the summit around (905m) it had a large drop off over the back which looked out over Cave Stream area and down Broken River. we had a great time finding different shaped rocks to park up for lunch.

With lunch over we all roamed around interesting limestone rocks and played peekaboo even finding one that look like a space rocket it was a lovely sunny day and everyone was in Great Spirits as we headed down the down the Gully passing the cattle and back to the cars. we stopped at the nice cafe at Springfield for a coffee a pie and good ol yarn.

With plenty more to see on Prebble Hill I can see another trip there in the future.


  Leader: Pat