Trip Reports

19 August 2015

On Sunday 19 August, Sandra (our leader) Dianna, Fay, Annabel,Tere,Val, Rose and myself (Gemma) went on a tramp to the saddle on the Wharfedale Track. When we got to the View Hill carpark we found that the wind was freezing, so we put on our warm gear and got started very quickly.

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30 - 31 May 2015

Mike was unable to lead this trip so there was me, Serg, Vesna and Neal. The only one who had been up Little Mt Peel was Vesna, so she helped us find the start of the track and we were off.It was a bit of a climb (understatement!!) especially with our big packs but it was a perfect morning for walk. There were a few other day trippers on the track including one young man who we met as we were having our second stop (only 40 minutes in) and was coming back from the top!

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24 May 2015

Twelve trusting walkers headed to Great Valley to walk up a “mystery” farmland ridge. On arrival at “Glenlock”, the destination was both visible and explained. It turned out to be Centre Hill (558m) via an “almost” circuit route. Centre Hill was crowned by a 90m wind measurement tower, controlled by Meridian as research for a potential future wind farm along this ridge.

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18 January 2015

 We set off along Motunau Beach in superb weather with the promise of a super-hot day. The sea was blue and calm, the sky crystal clear, and the tide favourable. A 1 hour beach walk on sand and boulders past the magnificent clay cliffs, brought us to the concretions. Some 1 m diameter. Some half buried in the sand. Some still poised on the cliffside awaiting nature’s erosion forces to bring them tumbling down. The most challenging part of the day was negotiating our way up a steep sided gully to the cliff top (this was the “mystery segment”). Slow and steady was the mantra. It was too hot to do it any other way.

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 30 November 2014

 We started off discussing that the nicer way around this walk is from the View Hill carpark. Once there we battled the cold winds to start walking and it became a lovely day out. We took the Kiromako track and went across to the Link track to get us back on the Wharfdale track. Since we got back earlier than expected we strolled up part of the Wharfdale track, returning the same way back to the cars. And of course, stopping off at Jo Seagar’s Cafe, for coffee and cake to finish off the good day out. Many thanks to Pat, Fay, Vesna and Rose. I had a lovely time out with you all.