Trip Reports

 Greta Valley Explorer 28-29 June 2014

 We lived up to the social, tramping and explorer aspects of this trip admirably. Only one of the pre-planned options came off as true (the beach walk). Even the winter aspect didn’t quite live up to winter - with glorious weather for both days.

 12 of us met at the Greta / Scargill turn off after a leisurely departure from Chch and stocking up with supplies at the Amberley Farmers market. From there we headed in convoy to Foxdown Rd off the Waikari/ Scargill inland road to begin our trek up Mt Alexander (748m). The route being a steady (but not steep) incline up farm tracks which had been clearly mapped out for us by the land owner. 

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 Queens Birthday Weekend 2014

 At 7am Saturday Vesna, Fay, Sheryl (new member) Mike and Neal (trip leader) in 2 cars headed West for Cass, where, after the car shuffle we headed up river on frozen ground and ice-greasy stones. Several cold wet river crossings later we left the river and climbed up the sidling track heading for the Cass hut. Lunched in the sun an hour from the hut and checked out the avalanche damage across the valley where trees had been blown over by the wind generated by avalanches.

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 4-5 May 2014

 An enthusiastic group of 12 fizzed north fuelled on coffee from Hamner and were ready to start the climb to Fowler Pass by 11am from the historic Fowler Hut which has been renovated and is very palatial (note this will become relevant later in the narrative). Ably lead by Claire and her faithful Indian companion Sergey the group included Carol, Agnete, Steiner, Glenda, Tere, Fay, Dianna (D2) and Vesna. It was also a pleasure to have the company of Frank and Diana (D1) who provided transport and came some of the way to Fowler Pass before turning back to camp for the night by Lake Tennyson (note this will also be relevant later). 

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22-23 March 2104         Boyle River Lodge 40th Anniversary Celebrations

 We arrived Friday night to find the decorations were well underway thanks to the early arrivals. It was a very convivial evening spent chatting, decorating and looking at photos and memorabilia.The next morning the weather was fine and sunny as we headed off on the various tramps. One group with Tere to the Magdalene Hut, another with Kevin and I to climb Mt Faust while others opted for a relaxing morning, perhaps later joining Mike (and later arrivals) on an afternoon walk to Sylvia Falls. 

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 22 March 2104 

 On a bright sunny morning Mike, Wendy, Vesna, Fay, Kevin and I headed up Mt Faust. Mike was joining us to the viewpoint although no one seemed sure which one that was, since the best view always seemed to be just a bit further on. The track continued through forest, the sometimes steep sections never lasting too long before the gradient gentled out again, until we stopped for a break at a well used campsite (complete with water tank) at the bushline. 

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