Trip Reports

2 Feb 2014

 Very pleasant initial descent through a stand of native trees, we soon cleared the bush onto a farm track, which took us down, down to the turn off to Kirk track. We briefly visited Anne Falls and had a little break at the junction to Anne Falls and Kirk track. A short respite before crossing a small stream to begin our climb, climb. We were back at the cars very early so drove around to the Bellbird for lunch. I need to thank the Revell family Christina, Lynley and Diane for such great company. We had a quality morning, rather than quantity morning. Everybody enjoyed the morning thank you all.

 Michael B


 12-13 October 2013

 Four set off for Lake Christabel from the Palmer road, knowing full well that the forecast was for rain. But it was good to be out of town, heading for the hills! No need for raincoats for the first couple of hours. The track followed the Grey river with its deep blue pools and bushy islands. The birdlife was plentiful –we heard bellbirds frequently and even saw a pair of kaka squawking and chasing each other through the treetops. Around lunchtime a light rain started so we ate quickly and moved on.

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 7-8 September 2013

 Leader: Tere, Hot spring hopefuls: Claire, Diana, Carol and Dennis A mid-winter trip to natural hot springs seemed like a great idea, at least that’s what five us thought when we signed up for this trip. The start of the track to Cow Stream is about 30min drive from Hanmer Springs on the Tophouse Road. After coffee in Hanmer we arrived at the start of the track in fine weather but with cold air from the surrounding snowy peaks. There had been a lot of rain the week before and it wasn’t long before we were trekking through very sticky clay.

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26 May 2013 

Where were you? We knew there was a forecast for snow down to 800m and north-west gales but that didn’t deter us. Six brave souls headed east.

 We had fine and windy conditions as we set off up Pettigrew’s Rd. We could see the weather out to the west and decided we were in the right place. We passed Mt Sinclair to find a nice sheltered lunch spot. After chocolates at lunch I guess it wasn’t surprising we didn’t climb the mountain. They rolled out the red carpet for us at the Hill top Tavern where we enjoyed drinks. Thank you Ian, Rose, Jill, Val and leader Diane.

Michael B.


 7 April 2013

 A clear calm autumn day found four of us, Mike, Steinar, Agnete & Dennis assembled at the Yaldhurst Hotel at 7.00am for Mike’s “Hard” rated trip to the summit of Mt Aicken.
After what seemed a quick drive, we were putting on tramping gear in the rather cold Devil’s Punchbowl Falls car park. Fifteen minutes later we were branching off the Falls track onto the Mt Aicken track. Not long after we came across relics of the tunnel, headstock and water pipe that fed water down to the power station in the Bealey River to provide electricity to Arthur’s Pass before it was connected to the national grid.

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