Trip Reports

22-23 March 2104         Boyle River Lodge 40th Anniversary Celebrations

 We arrived Friday night to find the decorations were well underway thanks to the early arrivals. It was a very convivial evening spent chatting, decorating and looking at photos and memorabilia.The next morning the weather was fine and sunny as we headed off on the various tramps. One group with Tere to the Magdalene Hut, another with Kevin and I to climb Mt Faust while others opted for a relaxing morning, perhaps later joining Mike (and later arrivals) on an afternoon walk to Sylvia Falls. 

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 22 March 2104 

 On a bright sunny morning Mike, Wendy, Vesna, Fay, Kevin and I headed up Mt Faust. Mike was joining us to the viewpoint although no one seemed sure which one that was, since the best view always seemed to be just a bit further on. The track continued through forest, the sometimes steep sections never lasting too long before the gradient gentled out again, until we stopped for a break at a well used campsite (complete with water tank) at the bushline. 

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 Waitangi Weekend 2014

 Having collected Glenda at Waipara, Bill, Dennis and I drove to our camping site at Acheron, on the Molesworth on Wednesday evening. Breakfasting at first light we continued along the Molesworth parking at the DOC Rangers house at the northern end. We gladly accepted the offer of a ride to the start of our track. There was plenty of briar rose growing rampantly as we headed east up Robinson Creek, climbing gradually. Also profuse was Vipers Bugloss, an upright blue flower with a coarse prickly stem. The saddle became apparent in the distance and we had lunch before tackling the climb. Views were magnificent! Dillon Cone nearby and Lake McRae beckoning some 6 kilometers in the distance.

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2 Feb 2014

 Very pleasant initial descent through a stand of native trees, we soon cleared the bush onto a farm track, which took us down, down to the turn off to Kirk track. We briefly visited Anne Falls and had a little break at the junction to Anne Falls and Kirk track. A short respite before crossing a small stream to begin our climb, climb. We were back at the cars very early so drove around to the Bellbird for lunch. I need to thank the Revell family Christina, Lynley and Diane for such great company. We had a quality morning, rather than quantity morning. Everybody enjoyed the morning thank you all.

 Michael B


 12-13 October 2013

 Four set off for Lake Christabel from the Palmer road, knowing full well that the forecast was for rain. But it was good to be out of town, heading for the hills! No need for raincoats for the first couple of hours. The track followed the Grey river with its deep blue pools and bushy islands. The birdlife was plentiful –we heard bellbirds frequently and even saw a pair of kaka squawking and chasing each other through the treetops. Around lunchtime a light rain started so we ate quickly and moved on.

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