Trip Reports

26 -27  September 2015

Tarn Hut is located in the Lees Valley, which involves an hour’s twisty drive from the turnoff near Ashley Gorge to the car park. Claire obviously enjoyed the last couple of km's negotiating the mud, puddles and ruts as she got out of the car beaming. Sergey, Claire and Mike in one vehicle, with Bill, myself and Vesna in the other. We were walking by 10am reaching Lilburn Stream, which was easily crossable, an hour later.

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20 September 2015

 We had a surprisingly good turnout for a day where the weather looked rather dodgy. Despite a few cancelling because of the weather we still had 10 trampers turn up for our first trip with members of Avon Tramping Club. In fact the weather forecast was much better inland than for Christchurch and so it turned out to be. After Saturdays cold snap there was light patchy snow on the ground at the start of the track.

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11 -12 September 2015

It was a glorious Saturday morning when we parked the cars on the road just outside Bill’s place in the Boyle River Village, with a rememberance silence for Bill before we started tramping.The team for the weekend was Claire & Sergey, Vesna, Fay, Sandra and Dennis.On the way in we had called in at the main car park and were somewhat dismayed to see so many vehicles including a school minibus, as we had not all come prepared to sleep on the hut floor if we had to.

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19 August 2015

On Sunday 19 August, Sandra (our leader) Dianna, Fay, Annabel,Tere,Val, Rose and myself (Gemma) went on a tramp to the saddle on the Wharfedale Track. When we got to the View Hill carpark we found that the wind was freezing, so we put on our warm gear and got started very quickly.

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30 - 31 May 2015

Mike was unable to lead this trip so there was me, Serg, Vesna and Neal. The only one who had been up Little Mt Peel was Vesna, so she helped us find the start of the track and we were off.It was a bit of a climb (understatement!!) especially with our big packs but it was a perfect morning for walk. There were a few other day trippers on the track including one young man who we met as we were having our second stop (only 40 minutes in) and was coming back from the top!

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