Trip Reports

 Easter 2018

 A really great Easter tramp – let me tell more.

Six of us headed up the Waimak Good Friday and soon passed a group having lunch also on their way to Carrington. We had our lunch at the Anticrow River and decided it was pretty good idea to break into a couple of teams. A fast team to secure six bunks and a not-so-fast team to take their time. It worked! We got bunks in the same room and as it happened the not-so-fast team wasn’t very far behind the fast team anyway.

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 9 -14th December 2017

 This wonderful track, only 2 years old, presents some difficulties in that the two ends are a great distance apart by road, the actual walk being 85 kms. There are expensive shuttles available and helicopter flights but we decided to walk as two parties, Claire and Sergey from the northern Seddonville end while Glenda, Angeline, Chris and Sally started from the southern Lyall end and this ensured that both parties had transport at the end of their adventure.It worked really well as each party walked at very different speeds so there was no frustration

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19 -23 September 2017

 The St James Walkway had been on my mind for some time, one of those must do Canterbury tramps which I had not previously completed.September seemed like a good month, after mid-winter and before the NW season. But the weather leading up to departure date had been constant bands of heavy rain across the alps so surely there would be a break in the weather for us?

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27 -28 August 2016

 It was a wet week in Christchurch leading up to the weekend and a very much wetter week on the West Coast. So Bill the Trip Leader, swapped the planned trip into the West Coast Cone Creek Hut to the East Coast.

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25 -26 June 2016

On a cold Friday night eleven trampers arrived to a cosy warm batch at Lake Kaniere thanks to Claire and Sergey arriving early and lighting the fire. Over supper and a lot of laughs we decided that most of the group would attempt Mt Tuhua with two opting for the Kaniere Water race walkway.

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